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We cater to the little kids, the big kids, and anyone in between. We're all about giving you the food you need to make your party perfect.

Kids Dancing

Summer Lunch Programs

When you need to cater for a summer lunch program, Glamm Catering has you covered. All you have to do is tell us how many you expect, choose your menu options, and book your appointment!

Hotel Breakfast

Mobile Catering

A caterer who can come to you and make your event a success. We'll cook and serve the food you want, at your location, on your schedule. Glamm Catering isn't just something for people with busy lives – we cater to everyone, from those always on the go to those with more time to spare.


Hire the catering company that will make your wedding reception a fantastic experience for you and your guests! Give us a call and we can cater your wedding or event today.

Friends at Lunch

Corporate Events

At Glamm Catering our mission is simple: make life easier for you and your busy team. If you’re serious about making your upcoming event a huge success, let us take the hassle.

All Events 

  • Mobile catering (with its food truck) 

  • Special events 

  • Summer lunch programs 

  • Corporate events 

  • Office parties 

  • Weddings 

  • Baby showers 

  • Birthday party 

  • Meal prep (pre-packaged meals) 

  • Festivals 

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