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Glamm Catering provides flavorful, high-quality meals at an affordable price via superior customer service. The business strives to be an inspiration in its community not just through its food but in how both customers and employees are treated – with dignity and respect.

Glamm Catering’s short term goal is to operate a food trailer at area events in order to reach a broader customer base. The long term goal is to open a full-service restaurant in the Tampa Bay area, with clientele from Northern Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.  Targeted customers for this restaurant includes young business professionals, loyal neighborhood customers, members of the area workforce, students and families—all of whom have a need for delicious, reasonably priced meals.


Glamm Catering provides high-quality, flavorful and affordable meals to its community, city, and region. Glamm Catering strives to bring people together for food and fellowship through impeccable customer service and an excellent presentation designed to leave a lasting impression.


Glamm Catering strives to be renowned for quality food, excellent customer service and an elegant atmosphere offering a positively memorable experience for clients and their guests.


I am a descendant of a long line of chefs.


I began cooking as a child. I remember baking a cake for my grandmother when I was 12. From there, I began cooking holiday meals for my family, then began cooking for my co-workers. One day, I made snow crabs, steak, macaroni and broccoli; I had so much food that I decided to post it on social media. By the end of that day, I sold more than 25 meals.


That marked the birth of Glamm Catering. Afterwards, I began selling meals every weekend. But for me, it is more than just food: My customers know I care – they can taste it in my food. And it brings me joy to see my family, friends and customers enjoying these meals which bring people together.




A Family Connection

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